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More or Less

My friend, Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Plywood People released his first book, More or Less, on March 1st.
I think this is a must read for everyone who is engaging in bringing justice, mercy and grace to their communities.  More or Less will be a great guide for anyone who is wrestling with how do we use our abundance to help others.
In More or Less, everyone will begin to process through the line of “enough” in their choices, how to see generosity as a chance to experience freedom in a greedy world, and how to make small changes now that will help others forever.  As Jeff reminds them, defining “enough” is more than a responsibility—it is an opportunity to give hope.


I have found a kindred spirit in Jeff, and want to encourage everyone to pick up a copy of  More or Less & this simple, yet powerful, concept.

Living a life of generosity doesn't have to be a grand movement, instead it surrounds us in the simple, allowing us to choose it in each moment.

Throughout the book, Jeff shares multiple stories of social experiments where people asked themselves "What is enough?" and moved into action to trim their excess and in turn chose to live a life of generosity.


Pick up a copy of More or Less, March 1st and follow-up by conducting  your own social experiment. Share what you did and read about what others conducted at 

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