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Growth & 15 Minutes a Day

Growth & 15 Minutes a Day


I've always felt most comfortable in streams of thought that were seeking to understand how things relate to each other. Truth be told, I've never been very good at deadlines.  Not because I often miss them, but because I tend to set them based on how I expect things to grow.

However, growth, like a growing child, isn't something that can be set to the boundaries of a linear progression of events.

Over the years this way of thinking seems to have made me drift towards roles that relate to growth, and make me realize there are things I'm terrible at (we'll save that for later).

On more than one occasion I've had people say to me...

Mike, I don't know how you do it.

I'm never really sure if that's meant as a compliment or if it's more of a statement of concern; however, my typical response is something along the line of

First,  I love helping things grow.

Second, don't assume I'm the one making it work.

While at the Allume Conference, Darren Rowse, made the following statement.

What can you accomplish by spending 15 minutes a day working on it?

This is a brilliant question for me because within it is a statement of intentionality.

Can I spend 15 minutes a day to slow down and see how something is growing and developing?  If so, can we also try to use that understanding to make some assumptions about what will happen next?

I love that kind of stuff.

So...I'll take 15 minutes a day and explore how things grow.

I’ll share a few of those observations from time to time, and I would love to hear from you about what you observe.

Maybe we can grow and develop our understanding together?

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