Based in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Mike currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Pure Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to building world class technology solutions for Nonprofit Organizations, individuals, and Community Advocacy.

...the perimeter of suffering

If I must be honest, the pain and suffering I see in the world around me is overwhelming.  I want to it ignore it.  I want to turn away. 

It seems that everywhere I turn there is some new tragedy, some natural disaster or some conflict that has no happy ending.  The resources it would take to restore these places and solve these problems are more than I’ll ever have or could ever influence.

…sometimes I sit paralyzed and simply have to change the channel.

However, for a long time the words from Isaiah 61:4 have been resonating down deep in my soul. 

from the Message

They’ll rebuild the old ruins,
   raise a new city out of the wreckage.
They’ll start over on the ruined cities,
   take the rubble left behind and make it new.

This speaks to the very depths of my soul in a way that forces me to change my posture and engage.  Therefore, when I find myself sitting paralyzed and tempted the change the channel or to turn away from my neighbor who is breaking, I know that I’m not called to be a bystander to the world’s events. 

I am called to be out on the perimeter of suffering rebuilding the walls with whatever tools I have for as long as it takes.

Why?  Because a new city is coming and I am a bricklayer of its foundation.

Water projects complete!

Water projects complete!