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Ethiopia (Return... Part 6)

…our time in Ethiopia is coming to an end & it is time to make the journey home.

everyone wants to know Sosi’s story… it brings joy

Left Ethiopia last night at 10:30 with Visa in hand…

Flying over Sosi’s place of birth (Gondar)

Out like a light as we land in Rome

Asleep again as we land in DC

Wow…2 hours to get through customs. Let’s do that again!

Got on an earlier flight from DC to DFW, but looks like no open seats on earlier DFW to XNA flights…

Quick ride to our gate…

Landed in DFW & Sosi’s asleep again…resting for final leg home

I think she’s doing super awesome considering the time difference (we are at DFW)

Back at home…Sosi we’re ready

Here we come!  Next stop is home…

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