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Ethiopia (Being... part 4)

…the past few days have been a bit of blur, but here are some more photos of our time here. It’s been amazing!

After 4 or so hours with Sosi, we all loaded up into the van to watch the Epiphany celebration taking place in the streets outside where we were staying.

the poverty here in great & sights like these are everywhere

that was it for today…it was a quiet evening with just Corrie, Sosi and I

this is Sosi with Ginet (manages the Bijou)

next day sitting out in the courtyard

after some quiet moments, we decided to get out and see the “return” of the Epiphany Celebration.

this time we did not take Sosi, but Corrie & I and our driver Bekey walked the streets amongst the celebration…amazing!

that was the day for us…great day in Ethiopia

the next morning we woke and traveled to the Gladney Care Centers (sorry can’t post much) & had traditional coffee ceremony.

Lucky that Scott Brown (Gladney Ethiopian Program Director) came!

Read Scott’s blog entry from the day

this is Rosa & Sosi. Rosa is Sosi’s “Special Mother” while at Gladney

these were all the Special Mothers & the children

and then the coffee ceremony…

after the care centers we went to lunch with all the families at a place on the hillside of Addis. 

Epiphany celebration still going on below in the streets

that was our day…it was full. In the next two days we will go visit St. Mary’s church, cultural dinner & then the Govt Orphanages

Ethiopia Day 6