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Ethiopia Day 2

…a quiet city of 3 million people wakes us after a jump forward in time that causes us disruption in our rest; however, today could not come soon enough.

Today is the day we have waited for, longed for and cried for. Today a few blurry pictures come to life as a little girl without a family will be wrapped in the arms of two people who will never let her go.

It is by no coincidence that today is Epiphany here in Ethiopia. Today is the beginning of a time of celebration to mark the moment that God making His dwelling place among men and the Word became flesh.

I can not help but draw from this rich moment that today is our beginning of a time of celebration to mark a moment when an orphaned girl makes her dwelling place among my family and the reality of her existence will be held in our eyes for the very first time.

It is only because of what God has done for us that we have come into the brokenness of this place with the simple hope that His story of rescue and redemption become real in the world around us. We give all with no expectation of personal gain; however, the coming reality of the moments ahead shows us that in giving all we are gaining a small piece of a coming kingdom.

Today, it is my fear and my hope that forever more this small piece of a kingdom will call us to gain more by giving all.

Just a few more eternal hours away and she will be with us…

Ethiopia (Being... pt 3)