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We have a Court Date! OH HAPPY DAY!!!

HOORAY!!!  Mary called and we have a court date!!! Finally, some good news!!!!  It is for DECEMBER 11th!

Sweet story about that date!  December 11th is my oldest child, John Michael’s birthday! He will be 9!  Last week, holding

back tears he said, “mom- i don’t want any presents for my birthday, all I want is my baby sister to come home!”  PRECIOUS!!!

He will be soooo excited when he gets home from school and I tell him when our court date is!!!! That indeed was a “kiss from God”!

So, now we wait again, but this time it’s a good wait!!  Praying Praying for each family still waiting to bring their babes home!!!

a season of Change, a life of Return (...from Amber)

I freed a thousand slaves but I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves