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...The Idea Camp Pacific NW started YESTERDAY!

Yes, I know that The Idea Camp is still ‘officially’ 13 days away from starting, but I went ahead and took the liberty of kicking it off yesterday (at least for me). Hope that’s okay with everyone.

Here’s what I love about The Idea Camp…it transcends a time & a place.

Because when you’re all about the power of relationships, you know that they just don’t fit into a couple days in a single place.

And so, they overflow, and that is beautiful.

It’s beautiful because I think that’s what relationships are supposed to do. Authentic relationships are marked by the overflow into the world around us, and they continue to overflow until they fill all the broken and dark places.

…and that sounds a lot like being present.

Yesterday through a series of unpredictable, unplanned and even unwanted circumstance, I met a couple new friends whose lives are marked by the overflow. They understand (and are teaching) me that what brings people together at The Idea Camp doesn’t have to wait until The Idea Camp.

…true mercy, justice and compassion aren’t confined to a specific time & place, so why should relationships developed around these themes be confined as well?

Well, they aren’t, and my new friends that I met yesterday (because of The Idea Camp) know this much better than I.

You see, it’s people like this that are at the heartbeat of why we gather for a couple days in a single place.

For me, The Idea Camp is a place where I can come…to simply find the overflow.

So, I went ahead and kicked it off…

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