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Oh my goodness!

I know I’m  a terrible blogger.  So here I am! Mike’s much better at this than me! I just had to get on here and say,

“oh my goodness”!!! June has been referral crazy!!! Yeah! I just noticed another sweet family received their referral today! Congrats!!! And congrats to all the families who have passed court this month!! Sweet!

I think we might be getting close! Who knows, but we have to be getting closer to seeing our baby girls face for the first time!

Summer is going by fast and the kiddos are loving the pool, summer movie day at the theatre! and especially Will and his amazing ability to catch every toad or frog living in our neighborhood! (i swear he must speak “amphibian”!!) We are all enjoying no schedule and just being able to enjoy life and play!!!

Oh yeah! I have been amazed through this adoption journey what a small world it is! Every time Mike and I turn around we are meeting more and more families here locally that have or are adopting from Ethiopia with Gladney! God is sooooo good.  He is placing in our path other families walking this same journey,  for us to get to know and form friendships with! I am so grateful! This has been one of my prayers over the course of this year, that we would begin to form friendships with other families of Ethiopian children and every where I turn I’m meeting other families that are on this journey as well!  Can’t wait to experience life with them and our new babes from Ethiopia!!!

At what point do you really start to notice?

Conley's Tap Recital..."she said Cinderella!"