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Art Show to End Human Slavery

Our family had the priviledge to attending the Not-For-Sale “Free to Create” Art Show in Fayetteville on Saturday night…

If you’re not familiar with NFS, I’d encourage you to spend some time on their website as they couragously fight to free the 27 million people that are entrapped in slavery today. Tragically, the vast majority of slaves today are children in forced labor situations and sex-trafficking. These are children just like yours and mine…sweet, innocent and deserving life.

At the art show, we saw this painting (sorry my picture doesn’t do it justice), and it captured me.

African child by Freedom Rodriguez
African child by Freedom Rodriguez (image is copyrighted)

Why did it capture me…see those eyes? Those eyes are a reminder that every child deserves life, and, honestly, I forget those eyes everyday. So, this is my reminder to not forget…a reminder to stand up for life and protect those who can’t protect themselves.

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