Based in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Mike currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Pure Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to building world class technology solutions for Nonprofit Organizations, individuals, and Community Advocacy.

We are adopting!

As many of you know, we have decided to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia!!

We are so excited to be on this journey as a family and can hardly wait to add one more to our family! The kids are all so excited about their new baby sister! Conley asks about her everyday and wants to buy her diapers and binkies and dollies everytime were out!! Hopefully this blog will help you come along with us on our journey to our little gal in Ethiopia!!

In January 2008, God began tugging on Corrie’s heart about adoption, she decided to keep it to herself and just pray!

Then comes June, Corrie and Mike’s 12th anniversary! Corrie felt it was time to share with Mike what she’d been praying about and processing through all these months! Mike was totally on board and had already processed through this on his own, even before Corrie brought it up!! How awesome is God in the way that he works!

Corrie began researching adoption agencies and both foreign and domestic adoption. Almost immediately we decided on International adoption in Ethiopia. It can only be described as a “God thing”!

He completely took our hearts to Ethiopia!!

Ethiopia captured our hearts immediately!!

(click here if you want to fast forward to the day our little girl was in our arms)

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